Initial Yellowmen Mbara Report, February 2022

The building of the Clinic began in mid-2021 and that of the Maternity Unit in November
2021 when we laid the foundations. Work has progressed quickly, and with a team of 11
fundi and workers living on the site, the Maternity Unit is almost complete. The photo
below is taken from what will be the approach road to the Clinic carpark which will be to the left of the site.

Photograph showing the Clinic on the right and the Maternity Unit on the left

As we left the site last week, the inside of the Maternity Unit was fully screeded and awaiting the delivery of the ceiling boards and floor tiles. The external walls are now screeded. The plumber was due to complete fittings in the showers and toilets by the end of the week and the electrician will wire the building ready for the solar system which hopefully will be added should we be successful with the Global Grant. Considering that the foundations were only laid during the second week in November, the progress achieved by the building team has been tremendous and the quality of the finish outstanding.

Close up of the Maternity Unit prior to screeding

Following the visit to Kitale Rotary Club on our day of arrival and the discussions with their council, it was agreed that a group of Rotarians from the club would visit the site for a ceremonial signing of the various papers to do with the Global Grant. Unfortunately the 4 x 4 that they were planning to use for the visit broke down the night before they were due to leave and so they were unable to make the journey. However, one Rotarian was able to visit the site, and as can be seen from the photographs below, the reception we received was fantastic, with singing, dancing and a choir serenading ‘our Yellowmen’. A table set up in the Clinic courtyard was surrounded by massed locals cheering as the Area Chief, Medical Officer from West Pokot and others signed on the dotted line.

The great signing!
Mbara mothers saying thank you to the Yellowmen

The Clinic (built by the County) and the Maternity Unit (built by the Yellowmen) together form a Referral Clinic to which more serious patients can be sent from clinics such as Sostin and Sengelel (at opposite ends of the ridge). Two members of staff are already in post, with two more nurses promised. Stephen Dite, formerly the In-charge at Sostin, is the Clinical Officer and a Community Health Officer is also in post.

Mbara Primary Girls’ Choir
Yellowmen with visiting guests, February 2022


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