Yellowmen at work in Sigor, West Pokot

This 5 roomed medical accommodation block was completely rebuilt by the Yellowmen team, having been abandoned 20 years ago. Although completion last September was put on hold and only one room had a ceiling, the building was already being occupied by medical staff. During the last couple of weeks, Abraham, one of the Yellowmen Pokot team of builders, has been hard at work finishing off the job.

The ceilings are suspended on metal angle iron and are a composite construction with a sprayed gloss finish. The iron frames are welded on site. The ‘planks’ are non-porous and therefore do not attract or retain water should the roof spring a leak. Being ‘loose laid’ means that there is no damage when cables or light fittings are added. The major cost of the work is the transport of materials.

During the refurbishment of the building all existing wood (window frames, door frames etc.) was removed and replaced with metal. Though not the cheapest of systems, this method is impervious to the ravages of termites.
Completion of the project is expected within the next week or so.

Yellowman Eddie
February 2021


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