A Humbling Experience

One of the highlights of my September visit to Kenya was seeing the newly furnished Mtelo House. It was fantastic to see the girls proudly showing us around their dormitory complete with bunk beds, tables and chairs, and a separate shower facility. Although this building is only a temporary measure until sufficient funds have been raised to build a new ‘student village’, the girls were so thankful to have their own place to call home.

Preparing for the visit, a friend and I had decided to fill small wash bags for each of the girls with a range of toiletries and school related sundries: toothbrush and toothpaste, mirror, face cloth, lip balm, soap, pencils, pens and notebooks. Very inexpensive to put together, these small gifts resulted in such delight and gratitude that I felt truly humbled.

Yellowman Wendy


New bunk beds and furniture


The separate shower facility


The girls receive their small gifts


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