February Visit

The February visit to West Pokot was a great success. As usual the Yellowmen had a  hectic itinerary but a brief outline of the projects covered can be seen below.

Building Team:

  • Continued work at Sigor Sub-District Hospital
  • Creation of a new and improved medical laboratory.
  • Completion of hospital emergency lighting system.
  • Fitting of solar light for maternity delivery room.
  • Mending of Marich FSC lighting generator.

I.T. Team:

  • Completion of intranet and internet system for hospital.
  • Writing of  new operating system for lap-tops.

 Medical team:

  • Restoration of  confiscated medicines to local clinics.
  •  Supply of medicines to Sigor Sub District Hospital.
  • Supply of stethoscopes, ophthalmoscope and otoscope.
  • Clinic at Tikeet for 175 patients over 2 days.
  • Visit and inspection of new Sostin Clinic.
  • Presentation of blood centrifuge, microscope and test tube shaker to Sigor Medical Lab.
  • Filming of gross burn deformities in ten year old boy.
  • Meeting in the County Assembly with Hon. Dr Thomas N’golesia

Education Team:

  • Visited a range of Primary and Secondary Schools.
  • Demonstration lessons for pupils and staff given.
  • Small group conversation classes held.
  •  Discussions with Head Teachers on the teaching of English.
  • Launch of English Poetry Competition for the district.
  • Day long educational seminar for 25 delegates from local schools.
  • Supply of text books, posters, exercise books, teaching plans and notes, pens etc. to local schools.
  • Discussion with Head Teacher regarding the building of a refuge for girls. Plan drawn up, finance agreed and building tender accepted.

Agricultural Team:

  • Meeting with Managing Director of Wei Wei Agricultural Development Unit, Mr David Kimosop.
  • Meeting with Hon. Doctor Thomas and the Sekker Ward Land Planning Committee to secure agreement of land plot to rent for experimental work on cropping. Initial survey of two plots. Inspection of local fish rearing project.

H.I.V Team:

  • Meeting with Sigor H.I.V. Group 1 ladies to inspect maize crops, hand over financial support and receive report for the last six months.
  • Meeting with Sigor H.I.V. Group 2 ladies to collect jewellery for sale in the UK, hand over financial support and receive report for the last six months.
  • Meeting with new Marich H.I.V Group to offer initial financial support for food and to discuss project.









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